Mid day Friday the 29th of March Mark,M0LTG, Caroline 2E0SXH and Garry M0MGP loaded all the gear in the trailer and camper van and headed to the Naze conservation area with the kind permission of Tendring District Council, assistance of the Conservation centre and Naze Tower.

Once on site Garry drove around the site while , George G0JWQ, G1IPU, Herbie, G6XOU, Louis    , Nic, 2E0XTN, Barry, M0LWM, Richard and David, with others, all unloaded masts, tents, antennas, generator and tower trailer. 

The antennas this time would include a newly acquired G3TXQ hexbeam with 40m add-on, Herbie's 12m vertical, a brilliant 80/40/20 fan dipole constructed by Mark and the good old faithful 80m doublet.

Before we could put anything up though, Louis made a presentation to Caroline in recognition of her achievements with the twangys, presenting her with a certificate and donning an orange glove to certify she had been twangoed.  

Great job Louis as that lightened the mood and everything was then erected in record time. A huge thank you to all who helped to erect and dismantle everything once the competition was over.

By 9pm all the radios tables etc were installed and under test when we realised that there was a fault somewhere. Every time we tried to transmit above 10 watts on any radio, the radio would turn off. After investigating the power supplies we discovered that the voltage coming in to the tent was only 139 volts.

As we had purchase a new generator to avoid this type of disaster we were of course dismayed and our immediate thought was that somehow we were on 110v, but no after checking the generator without load it showed 236v but loaded it dropped to 139v.

You can imagine the night we had thinking how we would get out of this one, then discovered the Clacton tool hire company opened 7am Sat morning. I immedeiately phoned at 7 and was told they had a 6kW diesel which they could deliver by 8-30, thank heavens.

8-30 arrived and so did a PETROL GENERATOR,!!Aarrrggghh. Fortunately it was full of petrol so we had time to start the contest at 9am and Caroline dashed to the garage for 40 litres of petrol. After losing 9 hours I downsized our target to 450-500.

Nic, 2E0XTN  operated with Becki M7TZM taking note for the future and during the day Nic also set up a 2 metre portable station in the field. During Saturday and Sunday we had many operators who helped us to get a very creditable total considering our 9 hour initial loss, and many visitors who we greatly thank for their support and encouragement.

Carol, Garry's OH , kept the boys fed with fish and chips and necessities during the event with Caroline also on meal duty with a handsome shepherds pie and biccies..

00:00z arrived with Mark and Garry at the helm, taking one hour stints for the final 4 hour stretch, at 2-30 bst we had stripped all the radio equipment from the tent and packed it in the camper for security while we got a nap till 7am.

Thanks again to all who returned to help pack down which we completed in record time, 10-30. The generator was collected

and Barry manned the gate to let them out. Home and unpacked by 12-30 ready for lunch and a good rest.

We couldnt do it without the support of all who help, thank you.

Operators were::

Mark M0LTG......Garry M0MGP.....Caroline 2E0SXH.....Jonathan G0DVJ.....George G0JWQ ,Herbie G6XOU.....Nic 2E0XTN.....Kevan 2E0WMG.....

Final Score 538 QSO's

Points    407,880

Notable..Bonaire...Cape Verde...Newfoundland...Transylvania...Aland Island...Puerto Rico...Madeira Is...Brazil...Morocco...Turks & Cacos...Sao Paulo...Kuwait...Keski/Suomi.

Thanks again, see you next time.

Garry M0MGP