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Leiston Contest

The final contest of the season took place onTuesday 24th October.
It has been hard going this year but thanks to all who took part in the monthly contests.
Final results will be posted as soon as they are available along with the dates for the 2018 season.


The annual Leiston CCC (Cordinated Club Contest)  is currently under way and takes place on the 4th Tuesday of every month between February and November.

It's a VHF/UHF FM only contest - and the maximum power output for contestants is 10 Watts.  Thus allowing all radio amateurs to compete.

Contestants may enter as individual stations and do not need to be members of any radio club. 

During the hour long contest the exchange is callsign, a signal report (RS) and the first part of your postcode, e.g.: IP2, CO13 etc  

Anyone can take part using whatever power they wish in order to give points to participants, however all people wishing to submit a log and enter the contest need to nominate on their log sheets either the LARC or CRA clubs to adjudicate their entry. 

Entries can be posted or emailed to LARC and must, in any case, reach LARC within 8 days of each event. 

It's not a really serious contest, it's designed to put local amateurs in touch with each other more than anything else and you're likely to hear a bit of friendly banter alongside the required exchanges. It lasts for just one hour once a month and it is a superb way to discover just how well your own VHF/UHF set up is currently working whether you actually take part or not. If you have a free hour on contest night just have a listen to the 2m and 70cm simplex frequencies listed at the back of the rules and discover coverage you have on 10w.

Results are normally published each month in the CRA club Newsletter as the contest progresses.

Full details, including 2017 rules and log templates can be found here on the Leiston Amateur Radio Club (LARC) website.  

Copies of the 2017 rules and the log sheet can also be downloaded here in the CRA downloads section.