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HF Contesting

CRA is quite active in HF contests, both through individual amateurs and as a CRA team.  We always encourage more people to support these efforts and to help boost the club’s score and standings each year.  There are 3 RSGB team event series that we do as a club.   Each member operates from his own station but the scores of everyone entering as CRA are then combined by the adjudicators to make a total team score.  Even a few extra QSOs entered can help move us up places in the table.  The RSGB operates a Web based entry system online so as long as you note the required info on paper from each contact you make, there is no need to install and use any logging software.  When entering a log, please ensure you select “Colchester RA” from the relevant drop-down menu (as opposed to attempting to type in the club name - since any slight difference in the name will mean the points are not added to our team score). 

There are 7 events that make up this series … four on HF and three on VHF/UHF.  CRA makes a particular effort in the club calls top band session in November, the 2m session in December, and the three which take place in January on 80m & 40m for CW, SSB and Datamodes (RTTY & PSK).  In these 80/40m events, there are separate sections for stations using 10w, 100w and 400w, so whatever you can do, the points all count towards the club, but your score is tabulated against the people in the same power category as you.  The exchange for these 80/40m contests is simply “59” and a serial number beginning 001 and adding one for each contact.  Although their duration is 4 hours maximum, it’s still helpful to the club if you can make contacts for any smaller period within that.

This is the main CRA team effort where we compete in the Local Clubs section in all three sessions (CW, SSB, Data) each month from February to July.    The maximum power allowed is 100 watts so you are not up against those with amplifiers although the bands are quite busy for the duration of these 90 minute evening contests.  Again the exchange for these contests is simply “59” and a serial number beginning 001 and adding one for each contact.

3.  RSGB Autumn series 

This is very much like the Club Championship, again just 90 minutes a session and a separate session each month in September, October and November, for CW, SSB and Datamodes.  However, foundation and intermediate licensees score extra points for their QSOs in this series so it’s especially valuable that our members holding these licences participate!  Again the exchange for these contests is simply “59” and a serial number beginning 001 and adding one for each contact.


For information about any of these events or how to be part of the team, please contact Herbie G6XOU.

In addition there are often opportunities throughout the year to visit a multi-operator HF contest station and have a go as part of a team with a significant sized station setup which might be otherwise unattainable.  This all helps build skills and knowledge.

80m CC Contest News

2020 Autumn Series Results
4th place.

Great to see members taking part in the 80m CC contests again this year and the result after the 14th March data contest shows Colchester RA  moving up one place in the club section to 5th.
Fantastic work by evereyone concerned.
If you would like more information, or assistance, in taking part, please contact Herbie G6XOU or any one of the committee members on the home page listing for advice and assistance.

Since our 2018 CQ DX contest, three further contests have taken place. Jonathan recently hosted the Russian DX contest for 24 hours with several operators amassing a creditable 710 Q's.

Jonathan has also entered 2 CW solo efforts to assist ing etting our SCC. The next contest is the CQ WW WPX contest to be held at the Naze, if you would like to operate, please contact Herbie, Garry or Mark. All welcome.

Ater discussing the prospect of reviving the Short Contest Call within the committee, Herbie, Mark, Garry & Caroline (G6XOU,M0LTG,M0MGP 2E0SXH) chose this contest to be the first attempt at gaining the required points.

With Jonathan G0DVJ, providing IT support and Nic M6XTN operating and assisting with set up and running the intrepid 5 braved the elements including 40mph gusts and horizontal sleet showers to make our mark.

Thankfully on the Sunday afternoon about 1pm the wind died to about 10mph long enough for us to safely lower the mast from 40 to 15 feet before it picked up to 15-18mph again. Despite losing our fan dipole because of this, we still managed to work 526 stations in 164 countries and 54 CQ zones.

Grateful thanks to those that visited over the weekend to keep our spirits up and George G1IPU and Nic M6XTN who turned out on Monday morning to assist  Mark, Caroline, Herbie and I in the break down of the gear and packaway.
Full report in newsletter.

Video clip of weather hitting us below.


G3CO achieve 1st place in low power category.

Many thanks Garry 


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