2019 UPDATE.

Once again the Colchester Contest Group hit first place in multi op 6metre (50Mhz) contest, taking the Telford Trophy.
Congratulations to all involved.
Keep on that winning streak guys.

Congratulations to Colchester Contest Group for 1st place in the 2018 VHF Championship series, 10Ghz section, using M1CRO/P and lifting the trophy. Great job guys.

NEW UPDATE    They keep on coming. Wow!!


Colchester Contest Group win 2017 VHF Championship
Congratulations to the members that not only won the open section but also won the 1.2GHz & 2.3GHz Cup and Trophy.


VHF/UHF Contesting

CRA is proud to affiliate with Colchester Contest Group, a dedicated group of individuals who take part in all the major VHF/UHF & Microwave RSGB Contests throughout the year.  As you can read below, they are very successful in these, showing that dedicated effort really pays off.   

However if you are newer to contests or just want to help CRA amass points in a team competition, there are a couple of ways to do this:

1.  144MHz AFS contest 

This is held in December each year and like the HF team events described above, contribute to the CRA team score.  The exchange is a genuine signal report by ear, a serial number 001 increasing by one for each successive contact and your locator square (e.g. JO01LV etc).  Typically to be effective, you should use a horizontally polarised antenna and beam in various directions to find the maximum number of stations. 

2.  VHF/UHF FM Activity (FMAC) contests

These are a series of events aimed at newcomers to VHF/UHF contests - and therefore use FM rather than the usual SSB/CW for those who perhaps only have an FM VHF/UHF radio.  They are also restricted to 10 or 50W entries to match the Foundation and Intermediate licence levels.  In purpose they are very similar to the idea of the local Leiston contests that used to exist, which CRA members previously supported.  These events are 7-8pm local time. The 2m FMAC sessions are on the 1st Tuesday of each month.   The 70cm FMAC sessions are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.   There are also 6m and 4m FMAC events in each month on other evenings. 

Colchester Contest Group consists of a dedicated group of individuals who take part in all the major VHF RSGB Contests throughout the year.

Most activity takes place from their regular contest site at Walton on the Naze (Locator JO01PU) using the call sign G0VHF/P.

Over the years the Contest Group have become a force to be reckoned with and are normally found near, if not at the top of the results tables. One of their biggest achievements to date is winning their section of the VHF National Field Day Contest for five years on the trot, a remarkable achievement by any standards.

The Contest Group are always on the lookout for more people to help maintain its profile by becoming involved in the pre-contest organisation, station set up and operating.

Results of the May 2017 RSGB 144 MHz Contest are here.   (Our club came second in the open section!)

For more information please click here or contact John G4ZTR or Dave G1OGY.