HF Contesting

CRA is quite active in HF contests, both through individual amateurs and as a CRA team.  We always encourage more people to support these efforts and to help boost the club’s score and standings each year.  The main team event is the RSGB 80m Club Championship where we compete in the Local Clubs section in all three sessions (CW, SSB, Data) each month from February to July.  Each member operates from his own station but the scores of everyone entering as CRA are then combined by the adjudicators to make a total team score.  Even a few extra QSOs entered can help move us up places in the table.  Contact Herbie for more information about the team.  The maximum power allowed is 100 watts so you are not up against those with amplifiers although the bands are quite busy for the duration of the 90 minute evening contests. 

In addition there are often opportunities throughout the year to visit a multi-operator HF contest station and have a go as part of a team with a significant sized station setup which might be otherwise unattainable.  This all helps build skills and knowledge.   

VHF/UHF Contesting

Colchester Contest Group consists of a dedicated group of individuals who take part in all the major VHF RSGB Contests throughout the year.

Most activity takes place from their regular contest site at Walton on the Naze (Locator JO01PU) using the call sign G0VHF/P.

Over the years the Contest Group have become a force to be reckoned with and are normally found near, if not at the top of the results tables. One of their biggest achievements to date is winning their section of the VHF National Field Day Contest for five years on the trot, a remarkable achievement by any standards.

The Contest Group are always on the lookout for more people to help maintain its profile by becoming involved in the pre-contest organisation, station set up and operating.

Results of the May 2017 RSGB 144 MHz Contest are here.   (Our club came second in the open section!)

For more information please click here or contact John G4ZTR or Dave G1OGY.

Leiston VHF / UHF Contest

The annual Leiston CCC (Cordinated Club Contest)  is currently under way and takes place on the 4th Tuesday of every month between February and November.

Click here for details