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Jota Report October 2018 GB2CDS

Following on from our JOTA activities last year, Richard G7BIV asked if we could help again this year but with the emphasis on getting the youngsters on the air and showing them how we use everyday tech that they are familiar with such as pads and phones to assist with amateur radio.

On the morning of the 20th October 5 members descended on Stanway Scout Headquarters, cars packed with equipment and set up 4 antennas and 4 stations along with a video presentation to welcome the scouts and introduce the members of CRA.

Around 63 scouts/beavers/cubs were expected through the day commencing at 10am until 5pm. Displays also included scouting activities as well as a table showing QSL cards, achievement certificates contest awards and information on becoming a foundation license holder.

Jonathan G0DVJ initially welcomed each group with a 2 minute video  and a brief talk before splitting the group between Garry M0MGP, on the tech, computer  and logging demo, Mark M0LTG passing messages on 2 metres, Caroline 2E0SXH demonstrating making contacts on FT8 and Jonathan, multitasking, also allowing the groups to pass messages on 40 metres.

Kevan 2E0WMG, who was suffering a heavy head cold also assisted setting up and knocking down but wisrly dusappeared home in between, grateful thanks.

The end of the day was marked with Richard thankingvthe members for a very successful day and commented that all the groups enjoyed their experience..

Roll on next year
Garry M0MGP

Images to follow.

Jota October 2017 Report

Attn: CRA Club members.

We had been asked to help with Colchester District Scouts on JOTA weekend again this year by Richard Hudson G7BIV.

It took place on the weekend of 21st/22nd October. 

Members from the club went along just before 9am and set up three stations in the Scout Hut, in Villa Rd Stanway, and supervised the use of the callsign GB60CDS during the day before finally leaving at around half past 5. A HUGE  thank you for your efforts.
During the day CRA  members explained the basic principles of safety, morse appreciation,radio operation and ultimately passing a message over the air, to approximately 75 Beavers / Cubs / Scouts so they could achieve their communicator badge . 

Other club members also went along and operated at the CW boot camp from a different location to assist with morse appreciation and practice.

All of the children who took part seemed to have enjoyed their brief insight into our hobby which made it worthwile to all who helped.

A special thanks to the members and operators who answered our calls for the children to pass messages, without you this would not have been possible. THANK YOU ALL.

Photo below taken at JOTA 2017