Naze Tower Activation August 2017

The Naze Tower Activation

On August 19th / 20th 2017 Colchester Radio Amateurs activated the Naze Tower, near Walton on the Naze during the  International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend  (ILLW). In everyone's opinion the event was a  great success  (especially the Saturday evening meal,)  and a lot was learned which will be put to use during the activation again next year.  Quite a few things will be done slightly differently next year, plus there'll be a change to the antenna's used in a bid to improve coverage. 

HF & VHF stations were on the air from around 11:00 hrs. on the Saturday until around 15:00 hrs on the Sunday. 

Special thanks go to all those who helped erect, operate and dismantle the installation and to all those members, and others,  who visited the site to show their support.  

Almost 70 stations were worked on PSK in quite poor band conditions.

Conditions on 2 metres SSB were not at all good either, but quite a few stations were worked nevertheless!

Unfortunately we did not have enough volunteer operators to keep the station going for long periods so we are really hoping for an increase in volunteer operators in future years.

Additional photos available here

The Call used during the event was GB6NT,    lighthouse number UK0212,     Locator   JO01pu,  WAB   TM22,

For those of you not familiar with the Naze Tower,   it is an 8 sided brick tower some 87 feet high,  built in 1720, over a  ¼ of a mile inland, on the site of a former beacon in which a fire was kept alight all night every night.

To read more on the history of the tower visit GB6NT on

Three nearby cafes provided essential sustenance for the Special Event operation team.

Equipment used :

Transceivers :-       Yaesu FT-1000mp Mk.V  for HF

                                Moonraker Mt-270 for VHF FM

     Yaesu FT-847 for VHF - SSB

     Yaesu FT-897 for Data modes.

     Yeasu FT-891 for JT65    

Antennae :-            80 Metre Doublet  for HF at 10 metres in height

              Watson W-510  for VHF at 10 metres high

              HF-360  for Data modes

                                 A G4YKB 5 metre vertical for JT65 on 20 metres

                                A directional 9 element Yagi was employed for                                      2m, about 60ft above the ground.

An Excel format spreadsheet is attached whiich illustrates the countries and stations worked by the special event station over the weekend!  Well done guys!

Garry Champion,
30 Aug 2017, 10:31