GB6NT Naze Tower 2018

This year marks the 21st Anniversary of the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend which is held in Memory of the late publicity officer Jim Linton VK3PC who passed earlier this year.

The objective is to encourage owners and operators of light houses and light ships to open up to the public with a view to raising the profile of the maritime heritage of these great institutions around the world.

Our aim as amateur radio operators is to contact as many of the lighthouses and lightships as possible from around the world as well as other manned radio stations and raise the profile of our own Naze Tower.

We aim to be operating fully from around 10am on Saturday  right through to Sunday afternoon at 4pm (weather conditions permitting) .

If you are able to come along and wish to operate, please contact Mark  M0LTG or Garry M0MGP so we can pop you on the logging software

AUGUST 18/19 2018

Call used during the event will be GB6NT, lighthouse number 

 UK0212,     Locator   JO01pu,  WAB   TM22.



                                        YAESU FT 847  for VHF - SSB

                                        YAESU FT 480D  for DATA Modes

                                         KENWOOD TS 590S  For HF

 ANTENNAE:-               80 m Doublet sloping N from 80 to 40 feet AGL for HF

                                       MFJ 1775 6Band rotatable Dipole at 60 feet  for HF with                                        associated GX 650 rotator and seeker software.

                                       40m Long wire at 10m facing N/S For Data Modes                                                   with associated CG3000 ATU.

                                       Twin directional 9 element Yagi for 2m SSB  mounted on                                        a 60 foot Versatower.

Logging Systems:-       iMac 24" running Skookumlogger

                                       Mac mini running Skookumlogger

                                       Lenovo Z51 running FT8 & FLDigi

                                       Toughbook running Log4OM

                                       Lenovo Z51 running a £10 SDR & Spectrum software

M0MGP will also be showing the £12 panadapter set-up running on a laptop

(Please note that any or all of the above may be altered without notice depending on availability and conditions) 

For those of you not familiar with the Naze Tower,   it is an 8 sided brick tower some 87 feet high,  built in 1720, over a  ¼ of a mile inland, on the site of a former beacon in which a fire was kept alight all night every night.

To read more on the history of the tower visit GB6NT on

Why not visit the Tower and  cafe who  provide essential sustenance for the Special Event operation team while you are here.

Please come along and say hello and of course not forgetting the Carnival Procession which starts off from The Naze on Saturday afternoon.