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Weekend at the Observatory!

From Kevan 2E0WMG:


We made a fair few contacts, 39 in total on SSB, band conditions were a bit 'iffy' and regular checks on the higher HF bands showed no activity so all contacts were on 40 or 20, with heavy QSB on 20. 

Most contacts were rubber stamp giving points away in the contest. Bill 2E0BMG also made a few contacts on SSB, and Jonathan gave a few points away on CW. My best DX was three stations in the USA on 20m, plus on on 40m. We did work a few stations taking part in Mills On The Air Weekend but suspect we may have worked more if we ventured into 80m. 

Antennas used were a linked dipole cut for 40/20/17 and a Buddipole, we also erected a Cobweb Antenna for Val, with a 2m, 6m & 70cms collinear on top, although it needs to be on a higher pole initial results were promising. One 2m FM contact was made by Jonathan with Michael 2E0GUI in Colchester.

73 Kevan 2E0WMG