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Please Note. 
This page is for members to advertise their personal amateur radio related items for sale. 

Descriptions must be fair and honest in relation to the item offered. 

Buyers should satisfy themselves as to the condition and price of the item before they purchase.

Colchester Radio Amateurs accept no responsibility or liability and will not get involved in any disputes arising from the sale or purchase of items offered on this page.

Please be safe, do not purchase anything 'sight unseen' or by any payment method you are not familiar or comfortable with (caveat emptor).

Adverts should be sent to ukm0mgp@gmail.com for consideration and publication.

Noel.  pnoelw@yahoo.com has a large selection of coax up for grabs for only £25.
An absolute bargain. He is in Clacton so contact him quick, many metres of RG213 ETC  SOLD

For Sale
40m, 20m,15m and 10m Trap vertical with counter poises. SWR readings available. Doesn't look to good on 15m but that maybe my adjustments. Never been up permanently so little oxidisation. Over £75 new 15 years ago hence £35 now.

For Sale
To fund the purchase of an Icom IC-7300.

Yaesu FT-450D AT model with built in Antenna Tuner. In immaculate condition having seen very little use and very carefully stored when not in use. 
Boxed with original packing, manual, mike, power lead, manual and Yaesu World map. Also includes optional carry handle, CAT control lead plus custom dust cover as well as an aluminium flight case which it fits snuggly inside for transporting. 
All yours for £450.00 

Yaesu FT-891
Again, in immaculate condition as hardly used and stored away when not used. Boxed with all packaging, mike, manual and power lead. This rig was wide-banded by Waters & Stanton before purchase so will work on 5MHz. £430.00 SOLD

 AnyTone AT588
L70MHz FM 50w Transceiver Once again this radio is immaculate and only a few weeks old purchased new from Nevada Radio but as my shiny new 7300 will have 4m this Radio is surplus to requirements. Full specification below. £90.00.