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On May 9th 2018 CRA saw a team of four, consisting of Vic M0VLL, Caroline 2E0SXH, Garry M0MGP and team captain  Barry M0LWM, and team supporters, off to the HARIG meeting at the Park Pavilion in Harwich, where the annual HARIG/CRA inter radio club quiz took place. 

Jonathan acted as quizmaster with his glamourous assistant Grazyna taking score. 

A very pleasant evening was had by all at the meeting and the CRA team put up a valiant effort with the CRA team taking the lead at an early stage over the depleted three man HARIG team.

At the end of the evening, our brave CRA team were victorious in lifting the trophy, the first time since 2012.

The quizmaster summed up the evening by praising the HARIG team for battling on with just three men, a creditable performance. 

HARIG will have the opportunity to win the trophy back when it will be hosted by the CRA at Colchester next year.

 Ccongratulations to the CRA team and commiserations toHARIG team for this years loss.