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Herbie, G6XOU will again this year be using the special event call of GB8EPC, to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the European PSK Club.

Herbie has been involved in PSK, on and off, since 2007, being quite an early member of the EPC. Member number: 1258

Herbie's special event station will be operational between June 1st. and June 28th 2017.

He will be operational on most of the HF bands. The main modes he will use are PSK-31, PSK-63 and PSK-125.

The PSK frequencies he will be using are: 3.580,  7.040, 10.140. 14.070, 18.100, 21.070. 24.920 and 28.120, all are USB (or data mode, if your rig offers that option.)

Herbie hopes to use the GB8EPC callsign on 2 metres FM as well - and these transmissions will be analog F3e (voice only  - no data).

Herbie advises us that this event is not a contest - it is to be a relaxed celebration of the EPC and he hopes to work both local and DX stations during the month. 

Present band conditions (as of late May 2017) will probably mean that most operation will be on 20m,  40m,  80m.  Operating times will be mostly in the early mornings and evenings, but Herbie will be taking time out of the event and using the club callsign of G3CO to run the regular CRA club nets.  (See column on left hand side for net schedule)

If you want to know how GB8EPC is doing whilst it is running Herbie should be able to let you know during the regular June club nets.

Every contact with GB8EPC will be sent an eQSL card.      

If you use paper QSL cards then these must be mailed to  EA6SK direct, See QRZ,  or via or the Spanish Bureau. The usual delays associated with regular QSL cards are to be anticipated, by far the quickest way to receive a card from GB8EPC will be via eQSL.

More details can be found on the GB8EPC webpage on QRZ.com.

For those interested in the equipment, both hardware and software, that Herbie plans to use for his GB8EPC (PSK) special event station, see the list below:

Transceiver      Yaesu FT-1200.
Power output for the BPSK mode is 20 watts.
Antenna            62.5 metre long wire @ 10 metres
Modem            Signal link USB
Software          FLdigi Ver.
Computer        Acer AX3400, but almost any Windows PC could be used.

Most of this gear is captured in the photo at the top of this page.  Double click on it to enlarge.


June 6th 2017

circa 300 contacts to date! 
Mainly European contacts on 20/40 (Daytime)  40/80m Evenings and nights!