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GB19NZ Report

The CRA were fortunate to be asked by The RSGB Contest Committee if we were able to coordinate the callsign GB19NZ for the Cricket World Cup. 

After some discussion Herbie G6XOU was tasked with the Coordinators job and Garry M0MGP with the log organisation and uploading to www.Hamlogs.net.

The event was arranged by the RSGB Contest Committee (RSGBCC) after the success of the football World cup event organised by the Russian DX group the previous year and at the outset it was hoped that the total would eclipse the previous best event held by the RSGBCC of around 130,000QSOs.

No-one could have envisaged what would eventually happen. The Marathon ran for 46 days in total with 31 British GB calls and 9 International CWC Calls made up of 10 HQ, 11 Ground & 10 Team callsigns. The 9 International call QSO count was not included in the final tally as they did not have RSGB status but were welcomed as part of the marathon effort.

The event ran for 46 straight days culminating in the Final on July 14th 2019. The CRA members took the opportunity on two occasions to work the callsign GB19NZ mobile, once on Packing shed Island (see separate report) and Field Weekend, giving all members the opportunity to work the callsign but unfortunately many were engaged in other activities that weekend.

Overall a resounding success for Nick Totterdell and the RSGB CC, well managed and any queries answered swiftly. All credit to Eugene at www.Hamlogs.net for sorting the achievement certificates and providing the logging compilation.

Also many thanks to those that worked GB19NZ  not forgetting the operators, some of who worked through the night to ensure the best outcome for the callsign and eventually get us to SECOND HIGHEST QSO count for the team section with 14,368 Qs under our belt.

It would be remiss of me to name all the operators who used the call and forget someone so  I will just mention a couple of  names, Herbie G6XOU who stepped in on many occasions to fill empty slots, Jonathan who worked as many "low number" modes as possible with his excellent station and Jay M0UNN who worked over 1,000 in his 24 hr stint.

Of the 138 time slots available through the Marathon CRA members filled 69 of those slots and only 29 of the slots went unfilled so a great effort. Two other clubs, Ipswich Radio Club and Felixstowe & District Amateur Radio Society FDARS also filled slots which we were pleased to see.