Field Radio Weekend 22/23 July 2017

The CRA field week end took place at 'Porters Farm', Eight Ash Green, over the weekend of July 22/23rd.

It was enjoyed by CRA club members, many of who "popped in and out" over the weekend. 

Quite a few photos were taken over the weekend and some are shown here but you'll find more photos of the event in our Photo Gallery
We set up camp on Saturday morning and members helped assemble the 'Crushcraft' mini beam using a few sheets of A4 typed instructions and diagrams, and, after a several moments of anguish and recrimination (no swearing of course) - we successfully got it up into the sky. The instructions however were seriously soaked at the end of the weekend.

 Using the clubs Yeasu FT1000 and the FT847 we made some interesting contacts including DH6ARM/MM, Gunter was on board the Panamanian registered vessel 'Marmakira' who's ship's call sign V2VJ9.

On Sunday a contact was made with Jerry, PH9HB/AM.

Jerry was 200Km from Athens at 35000ft aeromobile and gave us a signal report of 3/3.
We had some interesting 'drop-ins' one of which were two chaps on field detector searches and they had found some conical heavy bronze ordnance from the second World War and some Roman coins which they showed to us!

Porters Farm has six pill boxes, which are now listed structures, as it was a strategic place for keeping weapons during the war because of its high elevation facing north and east.
In the wee small hours of Saturday night we operated using the club equipment and an FT817/857 on a vertical. There was practically no QRN and band conditions were not too bad given the odd splats of thunder crashes heard from the near continent. Heavier cloud and rain arrived at our site on Sunday afternoon and gave us a little "wetting".

I am sure everyone had good fun and I'm pleased to report that almost all the components that had been donated to the club recently were taken away to new homes by extremely grateful Radio Amateurs.

Herbie G6XOU worked various digital modes with great success from his parked vehicle on the site using his telescopic multi-band vertical antenna on Saturday and he was keenly showing people just how it could, and should?, be done.

This event simply could not have happened without the help and support of the club members and, of course, our club committee members, many of who were there for much of the weekend and, importantly, for the setup and break-up of the site.  My special thanks go to Garry (pictured below) who, like myself, stayed on site overnight and kept me company. I've also discovered he makes a legendary fry-up!

Thanks Garry  - You just have to come next year!

Most of the Words and some of the Images - Tony 2E0FTQ
Most of the Images and some of the Words - Kit G6FLW