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Field Weekend 2019

Field Weekend 2019

This year we were again grateful to Robert for moving his sheep off the top field and allowing us to set up for the weekend.

Garry Mark & Caroline arrived on the Friday afternoon and were assisted with the set up by Sam and later by David who also assisted and Herbie who set up his vertical

The new trailer had the hex-beam up and built quite quickly, every time it just gets quicker to erect obviously with it becoming more familiar to put together.

The tent and generator were sited and then during the evening the radio gear was set up in the trailer for the following day.

As the event was bought forward this year to coincide with the Final of Cricket World Cup Marathon we operated the callsign throughout the weekend and gave anyone who visited the opportunity to take part and get their name in the log.

Hot dogs were served by the lovely Caroline on both days to anyone who visited as well as the now familiar bottomless tea and coffee cups which have now become a tradition.

As usual we take the opportunity at this event to try out new antennas so Mark & Garry made a new slimline 80/40/20 resonant fan dipole on the Friday evening which was used to good effect over the weekend.

On Saturday Nic & Becki arrived and Nic spent the day operating portable and on Sunday Richard also turned up with his link dipole portable setup which unfortunately suffered a telescopic section failure but even though lower in height than one would normally like , contacts were still made.

As there were a few sporting events on during te weekend and the weather was gloomy on Saturday we didn't expect many to arrive however we did welcome more than we expected so THANK YOU to those that made the journey and for those that set up.

Thanks to Sam for all his hard work on the setup and to David, who also popped back with his grandchildren on both days to see the operation, thanks also to David for rescuing us and dropping off some insulation tape (dont ask!)..

Strip down with Herbie, Richard & Nics help was super fast, THANK YOU ALL for assisting it is always appreciated and without your help we wouldn't be able to do it.

Now some figures for you.

Total Qs for  the weekend; 520
Unusual Qs; Curacao, W coast USA, Cuba
Apologies for the error with reporti g the antartic research base report I was checking another log and confused the two logs.
73 M0MGP

More pics on Facebook Events page.