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Useful Web Links !

We are compiling a list of links to websites that fellow amateurs have reported to us as being extremely useful.  

We trust you will find this list useful too! In fact we'd like you to help us compile this list and make it one of the best resources in the area. 


Click here and submit any Ham Radio links you think should be listed here.

Collection of radio manuals good source of ham related manuals. - Hack Green - listen to activity on most bands from a quiet location near Stoke on Trent. - University of Twente (Enschede, Holland) - As Hack Green but located in Holland.  - Potomac Valley Radio Club - Here you can find loads of useful webinars covering loads of different Ham Radio topics. Mainly contest training related. - Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network  - Real Time lightning strikes. Scaleable world wide coverage -   Can your station be heard?  Check here! -  Check for elevation and for lumps and bumps in the terrain between any two UK locations. Pinpoint two places on the map then check the analysis.

PSK Reporter  Check where your callsign is being heard around the world with this time and                                 distance based multi function/reporting tool

Radio Society of Great Britain  Your portal to all things RSGB related including contest rules,                                                           mock tests for exams and all relevant information.

OFCOM Licensing Portal  This link takes you to the sign in / sign up page for amateur licensing                                                and shortcuts several hurdles on the way.

Guide to operating FT8   Superb guide to those wishing to better their operating techniques with this                                             very well written guide.

For those that missed The William Poel (G8CYK) feature on noise, delivered by Jonathan at the February 2018 club meeting the  info deck is  here and video presentation is Here