CRA 50th Anniversary Challenge

The Colchester Radio Amateurs are throwing down the gauntlet to all amateurs worldwide in our Anniversary Challenge.

The first step is to make as many QSO's as possible during 2013. SSB, FM, AM, PSK or RTTY are all good. Even satellite QSO's count. Just no terrestrial repeaters (including echolink, etc).

Then, go through your logbook at the end of the year and try to spell "COLCHESTER RADIO AMATEURS" using the first and last letters of the callsign SUFFIXES you have collected.

The SUFFIX is the group of letters at the end of the callsign, ignoring any modifiers such as /t or /m. No duplicates are allowed, so you might need to consider how best to use each call.

Scoring is 1 point per letter claimed. Plus a bonus of 4 points if you work the club call sign G3CO.

As a reminder to overseas amateurs, the regional second letter of the prefix tells you where in the UK the station was operating from. So if an amateur in Scotland operates from home, he might be MM6EIO. But if he goes on holiday to Wales and has a go from the side of a mountain, he'd be MW6EIO/p (and probably quite cold and wet!). Then if he comes to England and operates from a friend's house, he'd be M6EIO/a. For the purposes of the contest, even if you'd worked him on all 3 occasions, you can use him as one of your E's, or one of your O's.

Closing date for submissions by post or email is 31st January 2014.

The application form and all of rules are here, or you can download the document from the link at the bottom of this page. 
Jeff Moye,
2 Jul 2013, 07:29