CQ Colchester World Wide

On 21st September, 2013, GX3CO/p was on the air from a field about 3 miles outside of Colchester, England.

The bands used included 10, 15, 17, 20 and 40m, SSB and CW. 

We attempted a first for the Club: To contact as many Colchester Towns outside of the the UK as possible.

We were aware of the following QTH's, and tried to be on bands they can work:

  • Colchester, Vermont, USA
  • Colchester, Vancouver, USA
  • Colchester, Connecticut, USA
  • Colchester, Illinois, USA
  • Colchester, New York, USA
  • Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Colchester, Ontario, Canada
  • Colchester, Eastern Cape, South Africa
We are pleased to say that we managed to work AA1XN from Colchester CT, on 15m CW and 17m SSB.

QSO's from all licenced amateurs, across in the world, were appreciated.

A full report will follow soon, and in the October CRA News.